• wheeler branch reservoir (map)
  • 2099 County Road 301
  • Glen Rose, TX, 76043
  • United States

Glen Rose, Texas, is hungry for a festival or event that it can call its own. We have an over-the-top idea that would feed that hunger while putting people's goals, dreams and aspirations in the spotlight.

We want to launch the Be Festival in November 2016. It would be a three-day event designed to inspire people to live on purpose.  It would be a chance for people to put their goals, dreams and aspirations in the spotlight for one weekend – Nov. 11-13, 2016.

A better way to describe this event...it's a Bucket List Festival!

Have you always wanted to run a 5K or 10K? Here’s your chance.

 Are you interested in taking a photography class or cooking class?  What about a dance class? We’ll give people the opportunity to do all of that, too.

 Eat some of the best burgers in Texas, while tasting some of the finest craft beers the state has to offer.

The event would include a dynamic speaker's series, a 5K and 10K race and a Texas Country Music concert. We are also incorporating a service project into the three-day event.

The worst phrase in the English language is, "I'll do it tomorrow." We want to inspire people to stop saying that and put their goals, dreams and aspirations in the spotlight. + Read More

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