One of my favorite yoga teachers, Melanie Taylor, suggested to me during teacher training " As a teacher you should aim to practice at least as many times as you teach each week"......Well....Craaaaap. Between jetting all over the place to teach and still working another job I've been so bummed to see my own personal practice become the sad little nugget that it is.  So I realized that if i continue to rely solely on in studio class this shiznit is simply never going to happen..period. 

As the somewhat obsessive researcher that I am, I set about checking out every review of every online yoga class website known to man. YogaDownload, The Yoga Collective, Gaiam, The list keeps growing there are a ton of options! I had initially steered away from Yogaglo because i really really wanted to like the cheaper Groupon option ; ).. but then i figured 15 day free trail? What the heck lets give it a whirl.  First off the rumors are true, there's a 90% chance you'll spend your allotted yoga time simply scrolling through all the amazing class options and never actually get to taking one.  Nevertheless once your done piddling around i highly suggest you hightail it to one of the Dice Ida Klien classes.  Yes, I was initially siked about all the yogi-celeb names ( seane corn, kathyrn budig, rod stryker) but since discovering Dice he's been my yogaglo jam.  The body cues he dishes out are ridiculously spot-on, like nails it every time!  His tutorial on building strength for arm balances is awesome, incredible detail in going through the lines of energy in the upper body, and shifting weight in your hands.  And then there's my new obsession.... His video on hopping from downdog into crow! What! Yes just try it, it's going to make your core sore as all get out, and your gunna faceplant once or twice (husband comment while watching..." bahahaha that looked like it hurt, are you ok?" ...lesson learned save these experiments for when he's at work) but it's a blast and you'll discover a new respect for weight distribution in your yoga practice!  Not to mention he's just got a super laidback comfortable style of teaching that even newbies can jive to.

Try him out lemme know your thoughts! Or if you have a crazy awesome fav online teacher tell me about them!