Stay Calm....You've got this

For as long as I can remember I've just considered myself an easily stressed out person with a tendency to be ridiculously indecisive.  However recently I've started to realize that there's something else going on with my spazziness.  The truth is I wrestle constantly with this horrible little anxiety gremlin.  Actually its not little....not by a long shot.

Relatively simple decisions render me frozen in a state of panicky unsureness, wondering which is the right move, which option will seal my fate and which will propel towards my goals. 

I used to wonder why it wouldn't happen over some things which seemed important to other people but not to other issues that didn't.  I think I figured it out....

It pops up for things that actually, sincerely genuinely, matter to that deeply buried little voice with crazy goals that I never give enough attention to.  There are impractical, hardly possible, nutjob goals that I want to see to fruition so bad it hurts, and when something comes my way that could make or break that chance I totally lose my sh*t. 

I seriously need to stop losing my sh*t cause life isn't just a one shot make or break it kinda shindig.

I need to realize that not every decision I make will be perfect or exactly the right one. 

I need to realize that every funky thing happens for a reason and to just play it out.

I need to realize that life is a continuous stream of decisions, not something that can be accomplished or crumbled with just one silly choice between option A and B.

I need to learn to breathe, be calm, be present, and trust my gut, my passion, my incredible inspiring, adventurous, nutjob little inner voice cause she's brilliant and ready to take on the world.