Some of my most adored places have been discovered by accident, case in point Hico,Tx.  End-route to Colorado Bend State Park ( So much more on this awesome spot coming soon!) and we drove through Hico.  We spotted a historic downtown, preserved log cabins, and most importantly a taco joint!  So we decided to make sure we had time to stop and explore on the way back home.

First stop back into town was Jersey Lilly's ( the Mexican restaurant that initially lured us back).  awesome location right in downtown, even had an upstairs sitting area. We snagged a killer deal on shrimp fajitas for 2 with a tab a touch above $20. Food was on point! Unlike other places we totally didn't get japed on shrimp, the hubs and I left full and happy!

Yet like fools we decided to mosey on down to the chocolate factory.  Hiseman Chocolates in housed in a lovely historic home and the best part is they have free samples!! Woo Hoo!  We got the lowdown on all the chocolate options and ended up deciding on some ridiculously yummy handmade truffles.

Fajitas + I really needed to do some walking. Strolling around the downtown area was like a walk back in time to the old school small towns.  Historic buildings have been lovingly preserved and restored, nostalgic furnishings abound, all these small details that make you feel like you've taken a little step back in time.

We didn't have a ton of time to explore as much as we wanted to, but since I am now shamelessly addicted to the Snookie truffle ( dark chocolate & Kahlua) I think there will be plenty of trips in the near future.