Stay've got this

There are impractical, hardly possible, nutjob goals that I want to see to fruition so bad it hurts, and when something comes my way that could make or break that chance I totally lose my sh*t. 

The Art of the Mini-Adventure

The Art of the Mini-Adventure

It's easy to use your day from work as a day to take care of chores, tasks, to-dos or even a day to just Netflix yourself into oblivion ( and sometimes that's a splendid use of time)... But then you could also have an adventure...

I have this weird insatiable need to go new places, travel, explore, venture.  I get incredibly antsy and anxious when I can't make this happen. I used to get frustrated that on my time off I simply didn't have the means, financially, time-wise, etc to venture to these incredible far away places that I wanted to go.  And then I realized that sitting on the couch wishing and moping about wasn't doing me a lick of good and it was actually pretty darn lame.  So I started researching.. I spent whole evenings looking up little places within a days drive......and then I would promptly talk myself out of spending all my precious time driving and go back to watching Netflix Documentaries

And then one day I just said "To heck with it!" I picked a spot I'd never been, got in the car, and left.  And it was friggin glorious.  I turned the drive into a vital part of the trip, using it to  discover new artists on Spotify or listen to inspiring books.  I stopped to investigate quirky looking gas stations, and dive restaurants. I had random conversations with ladies at small garden centers and old farmers at the gas pump.  I discovered hidden rope swings over crystal clear rivers, ostrich farms in the middle of nowhere, the best fish tacos I've ever eaten, and amazingly friendly people. 

The best thing was that everytime I went out of my comfort zone and went somewhere new I came back glowing.  The next day I went to work excited, refreshed, and my yoga classes felt more authentic and energized, and all it took was a tank of gas and a little curiousity.

Rainy day nom noms

Rainy day nom noms

Since becoming vegan....(well actually a vegan that occasionally eats sustain-ably sourced seafood) there have only been 2 things i find myself missing white cheddar popcorn and buttery rich cookies!  Well the struggle is still real when it comes to white cheddar however thank teh stars above that i discovered Vegan Nom cookie dough!!

The other day while wasting time at central market hitting up all my fav bread samples ( aka "doing the lap" as the hubs calls it ) i came across some vegan cookie samples and yup my mind was blown.  Rich, delicious, buttery, you'd never know that it didn't have all that dairy baloney in it!  SO since it was a gloomy overcast day of course i had to snag a tub of chocolate chip ( they also make oatmeal raisin & brownie).  These bad boys can even be eaten right out of the tub!  However since the hubs was home i decided to be kind and actually bake them ( solo tub munching will happen in the near future, I got my eyes on you brownie dough).  This stuffed passed the picky husband test with flying colors! In fact when i went to bed there were 5 left, when i woke up there were only 2 ( Yes, I chose to let him live considering this massive relationship fop-ah).  Suffice to say you should go grab some of this magical stuff! Seems like central market is the only place its available currently put keep an eye on their website for updates!

P.S. Dear Vegan Noms if you need any brave souls to offer themselves up to test new flavors I would like to sincerely volunteer for this most dangerous task..please & thank you Em C. ; )

yogaglo...aka an ode to Dice

Yes, I was initially siked about all the yogi-celeb names ( seane corn, kathyrn budig, rod stryker) but since discovering Dice he's been my yogaglo jam.